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PO Box 717, Kumeu, 0841             


 Welcome to NorWest Dog Training Club.  Our training methods are designed to be a positive experience for both handler and dog and most of all FUN. The club uses up to date, and reward based, kind training methods.

Obedience classes are designed to cater for the companion pet dog, but if handlers are interested in competing with their dogs, we do offer competitive classes in Obedience, Rally-Obedience, Agility and Flygility classes are fun and a competitive level. 

If you wish to proceed with the initial seven week course please e-mail for an enrolment form and payment details and for course vacancies.

We are able to accept payment via internet banking. If paying via direct credit please enter ‘Last Name’ / ‘Dog Name’ / ‘New Member’ in the information boxes provided by your bank. Any unidentifiable direct credit payments will be gratefully received as anonymous donations.

Class numbers are limited, so please ensure that your form and payment is sent in as soon as possible and at least by the Monday week preceding the start of the course.

PLEASE NOTE: Covid  Dogs NZ Rules apply to us, also we are governed by the Kumeu A&H therefore we will require that everyone on the club grounds is fully vaccinated and to show their Vaccine Pass This will mean that only members that have proof will be able to attend.

We are sorry but we cannot hold places on a promise. Full payment has to have been made and a completed enrolment form recieved by at least the Monday before the course commences. Admittance to the club and courses is on a first paid and enrolled, first served basis.

 If you wait to pay on enrolment night, unless you have an e-mail confirming you are a special circumstance, you may be turned away as there may be no vacancies available for that course. Our enrollments person will contact you before the first class to confirm your place.

If you have recently adopted a rescued dog please contact us for help and information 

For new enrolments, the first night of the course is an introduction to training by your instructors and an informative talk and discussion time with the local vet. This is an excellent opportunity to ask all sorts of questions.  You will need to bring proof of dogs vaccination and registration, and Covid Certificate.


Whilst every care is taken to ensure the safety of both you and your dog, it has to be recognised that this is a sport in which injury may occur. The club will not accept any responsibility for these occurrences unless it is proven that the club was negligent. 

Membership is subject to approval by the committee


Kumeu A&H Showgrounds - corner of Access and Waitakere Roads, Kumeu (Entry from second gate on right in Waitakere Road)



Obedience & Rally-Obedience - 7.00pm Monday evenings. (45 minutes) Please consider arriving about 6.45pm to help dogs calm down before classes.

Agility - 7.00pm Wednesday evenings. Please arrive at 6.30pm to help set up equipment.

Flygility - 6.00pm Wednesday evenings  Please arrive at help set up equipment.



 Annual Membership$50.00

7 Week Initial Course in Obedience - $100.00 + $50.00 Includes access to Obedience Classes for the remainder of the financial year.

7 Week Initial Course in Agility - $100.00 + $50.00 membership 

7 Week Initial Course in Flygility - $100.00 +$50.00 membership

 $50.00.  Includes access to classes for the financial year. 

Once an exsisting member has completed one seven week initial course in either obedience or agility the/ Flygility cost to crossover and complete the other seven week initial course will be reduced to $50.00.







Obedience Requirements

NO Check or Choke Chains or prong collars to be used on dogs while on club grounds. No Retractable leads to be used during training. Limited slip collars (Martingale), Halti's and Gentle leaders are all acceptable.


Agility and Flygility Requirements

Dogs must have a basic level of off lead obedience.
Dog needs to be over 18months of age to begin training.

Dogs are to be run in a flat collar. Wide flat leather or nylon lead please.

Dogs are NOT to be run in Halti's or Gentle Leaders in agility or flygility classes.



Handlers - Comfortable, casual wear, sneakers or flat shoes (no jandals or bare feet). For agility, touch shoes are recommended. Light, waterproof jacket.


Things to Bring

  • Proof of vaccination and registration on first night.
  • Plenty of really yummy treats - small cubes of cheese, cooked sausage,left over roast meat, etc.
  • A toy that your dog really enjoys - please no squeakers.





Rally 'O'












Please Note

If your dog is reactive to dogs or people and or has a bite history we will be happy to assess his or her suitability for joining the club. As we are a family pet dog club the safety of our members is paramount and just as importantly the enviroment may be too overwhelming for a reactive dog to cope with.We are able to recommend some excellent private trainers who can provide one on one consultations to help you and your dog. If your dog prefers to have a large amount of personal space, we recommend that you obtain a "give me space" jacket for your dog. Please feel free to discuss any dog related problems with your instructor.

  • It is preferable not to feed your dog just before coming to class.
  • We have stock of leads, collars, and toys available at reasonable prices in the clubhouse.


Some Rules

  • If your bitch is in season, she must stay at home for the duration.
  • If your dog fouls the grounds, please pick it up and deposit in the bins provided.
  • Dogs should be on lead at all times, unless otherwise directed.

Last updated: 16-Jan-22

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