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NorWest Dog Training Club Newsletter November 2011

Listed below are the Club Executives and Committee for 2010/2011

President: Jeff Walkington           Vice President: Sandy McKenzie

Treasurer: Robyn Henderson        Secretary: Ellie Booth

Committee: Karen Smith; Rodney Dunnet; Sue McDiarmid; Maree Green: Judy Doherty; Susan Burborough, Louise Dormer, Amanda Fraser, Colleen Lauder, Marion Line,  Joan McFarlane, Di Munford, Anna Silva, Rosalind Walkington
Patron: Rob Kemp [Kumeu A&H]

Wow! Another year has flown by already! We have not had the best of luck with the weather over the last half of the year, but here’s hoping that the summer is extra lovely.

With Christmas well within our sights the final nights for training are
Flygility: Fri 2nd December.   Obedience: Mon 5th December   Agility: Wed 7th December
Junior Handlers: Wed 30th November

Traditionally the last night of Obedience training is composed mostly of fun activities and games so you’ll really need to bring your “A” game that night and remember “If you’re not winning you’re not cheating hard enough”. Just kidding ? ? ?. Good, solid basic training skills and a sense of humor will serve you well enough. We’ll round out the night with a quick graduation ceremony.

Christmas Parade 2012

“Jingling dogs, Jingling dogs, Jingling all the way”

Yahh, Dogs on parade! The Kumeu Christmas parade will take place on Friday 9th December.  NorWest Dog Club will once again be participating in the festivities and we are really hoping to have a huge turnout this year. So if you want to partake in this fun event please grab your leashes, decorate your dogs (and selves) embrace the Christmas spirit and come and join us for a jolly old time. If possible we would like the people to be dressed in green to reflect the club colors and then just go crazy with dress and be fun and festive, wild and whacky, cute and cuddly (dogs just do this effortlessly). There will be an after match function to avail ourselves of some Christmas cheer ... so please bring a plate and join us for a post parade gathering and we’ll chuck a snarler or two on the barbee and raise our glasses to another good year.

You will be most welcome to park at the NorWest Dog club grounds and stroll up to the Assembly point. On the parade itself please take care not to make contact with dogs cheering from the sidelines as they tend to be somewhat over excited and of an unknown entity.

Highway 16 will close from Riverhead Road Kumeu to Station Road Huapai at 6.45 pm. Highway 16 will re-open at 8.15 pm.

Float Assembly Date/Time 5.30 pm on 9th December 2011.

Float Assembly Point Nobilo (Constellation NZ Ltd) Station Road Huapai.

Parade Start time   Float line up will commence leaving from Nobilo
     (Constellation NZ Ltd) at Station Road Huapai at 6.45 pm
     and move onto State Highway 16 after the Wheel
     Barrow Race which starts 7.00 pm at Huapai shops &
                                                      finishes at the Kumeu shops

August Championship Obedience Show: Huge big Thank you to all those who travelled out to South Auckland to help out on the day. Thank you also to everyone who so kindly donated goods for the raffles. Your generosity was very apparent in the lineup of impressive raffle baskets and certainly very much appreciated by the club.

October Working Bee: Many thanks to a small but very efficient team of workers Colleen, Bruce L, Natasha, Karen, Pam, Bruce R, Robyn and Jess and Ellie.

November Ribbon Trial: Many more thanks to all the volunteers who turned out to make this event such a resounding success and a very special thank you mention to Coco and Jess (from the junior handler class) who worked tirelessly and cheerfully all day.

“Thank you ALL very much”

All our competitive members continue to do very well on the Obedience and Agility circuits. Congratulations to Maree and Ted for an outstanding year and just keep an eye on our fast rising obedience stars; Katie (with Jeff) and Riff Raff (with Corinne).

NorWest Dog club continues to dazzle. Come along and give this fun competitive sport a go.

We have an excellent selection of leads, collars, dumbbells and gentle leaders available at very reasonable prices. Monogrammed club badges are now available. These will look great sewn onto clothing or bags. Sue McDiarmid is available for sales before classes commence. Cash or  cheque only please.

Just a reminder that all memberships will be due in the new year February 2012 (excepting the October intake). There are some changes to enrolling in courses but membership and course fees remain unchanged. More information to follow shortly.


Corners of Access and Waitakere Rd (entrance on Waitakere Rd) Kumeu

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