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NorWest Dog Training Club Newsletter July 2011

Listed below are the Club Executives and Committee for 2010/2011

President: Jeff Walkington           Vice President: Sandy McKenzie

Treasurer: Robyn Henderson        Secretary: Ellie Booth

Committee: Karen Smith; Rodney Dunnet; Sue McDiarmid; Maree Green: Judy Doherty; Susan Burborough, Louise Dormer, Amanda Fraser, Colleen Lauder, Marion Line,  Joan McFarlane, Di Munford, Anna Silva, Rosalind Walkington
Patron: Rob Kemp [Kumeu A&H]

Crikey! Haven’t we had some wet weather lately!! I find myself with fingers and toes and anything else crossed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the hopes I don’t have to send out the notice of doom informing you all of yet another cancellation LOL. Luckily we can still train our best mates anywhere and anytime for just a few minutes at a time. Just remember that, quite simply, positive training is all about clear communication (the key issues being consistency and timing) and reinforcing behaviors you like and not reinforcing behaviors you don’t like. So often we only notice our dogs when they are doing something wrong. An idea I like is to pick a number between twenty and forty and then try to notice, that many times a day, when your dog is doing some behavior that you like and just praise him for being good. I can only say that in my experience, once you get in the habit of noticing good behavior that it has very positive and pleasant repercussions.

Training tricks or playing games is a great way to keep training fun and strengthening the bond between you and your dog. Remember that training takes time and patience and patience and patience ?.
Recently eight instructors from NorWest club attended a weekend seminar by UK based dog trainer Kamal Fernandez. Kamal uses only Positive reinforcement methods and emphasizes making training fun through play. Positive reinforcement training works by using praise and positive actions or rewards, rather than punishment or correctional actions, to teach your dog right from wrong. The key with this type of training is to determine what it is that motivates your dog, and use that motivator as a reward upon correct performance. In positive reinforcement dog training you can use treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of those to reward your dog for correct behavior.
You can look forward to your instructors sharing some of these fabulous new skills in your classes.

I’ll be posting details of two informative seminars coming up in 2012. If you are interested in learning more about dog behavior and positive training methods you will find these weekends a mine of information and truly inspirational.


On the 14th & 15th May 2011 this very successful event was held at our club grounds. The weather was particularly unhelpful but despite the muddied and ever increasing slippery surface the enthusiasm of those competing was undaunted and a great day was had by all. A huge big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who turned out to help make the weekend such a great success. We are very appreciative of all your help and all the time you give up so that these events can run so smoothly ?. We also had some incredibly generous sponsors for this show so thank you to Kumeu Tyres, Kumeu Veterinary Service Ltd and Healthy Pet Foods Ltd.

Monday 6th June saw a return of the clubs “Fun Day”. This fabulous family friendly event was organized by Maree, Marion and Rosalind. Thank you girls for a great day! The rain actually managed to hold off long enough for everyone to partake in the many fun events and enjoy a well-earned finely sautéed sausage. Special thanks to the “rent-a-dogs” who thundered around the course with a variety of handlers and thank you to their owners for bringing them along too. Watch this space for news of more fun events to come.

It’s show time again! This annual event is held out at the NZKC Exhibition Centre at Ardmore. Once again we will be most appreciative of anyone able to help out on the day and as we will be running a few hamper raffles, donations of goods are needed please. Just a reminder to check that the ‘best by date’ has not expired if you are donating food stuffs please. If you have goods to donate please leave them with your instructor.

The resent results of our competitive members (both Agility and Obedience) are kept updated on the boards at the back of the club rooms. Well done to all of you competitors for doing so well.

Flygility is in need of a constant supply of tennis balls. If anyone has a source for used but good quality tennis balls please could you please see Karen Smith.

NorWest Dog club was placed 3rd nationally in May but slipped to 12th in June. Looking for a big comeback in July!
Rally-O Link is held once a month on a Monday night. It commences after classes at 8pm. All comers welcome. For more information please see Rally-O instructor Sandy MacKenzie.

We have an excellent selection of leads, collars, dumbbells and gentle leaders available at very reasonable prices. Monogrammed club badges are now available. These will look great sewn onto clothing or bags. Sue McDiarmid is available for sales before classes commence. Cash or  cheque only please.

Corners of Access and Waitakere Rd (entrance on Waitakere Rd) Kumeu 

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