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NorWest Dog Training Club Newsletter January 2011

Listed below are the Club Executives and Committee for 2010/2011

President: Joan McFarlane Vice President: Sandy McKenzie

Treasurer: Robyn Henderson Secretary:

Committee: Karen Smith; Rodney Dunnet; Sue McDiarmid; Maree Green: Judy Doherty; Bruce Ronald; Alison Muller; Nadine Rowley; Ellie Booth
Patron: Rob Kemp [Kumeu A&H]

Season’s Greetings

Happy New Year to you all. We hope that Santa was kind to you and that you are all having a fabulous summer, enjoying the glorious weather and taking advantage of those cooler early mornings and balmy late evenings for indulging in long trail blazing walks with your woofers ?.

Starting Dates 2011

Obedience classes start Monday 7th February 7pm
Agility classes start Wednesday 9th February 7pm
Flygility classes start Friday 11th February 7pm
Please note that there has been a switch in nights with Agility and Flygility
Please remember to turn up 15 minutes earlier to help set up and/or to help the dogs settle.

Membership Renewals

These will be coming out to you electronically, very shortly. If you are unable to print off these documents, spare copies will be available in the club rooms. As we are trying to spruce up our data base please fill out the form completely before returning it. On receiving your receipt please bring it with you to your class and have it sighted by the role keeper.

New Classes

There is a new addition to the obedience classes. Sandy McKenzie will be running a Rally-O class which will incorporate the many skills required from both obedience and agility. This will serve those who want to stretch themselves a little more but don’t wish to compete in Obedience. This will be a fun and challenging course for both handlers and their dogs.

A junior handler class for children 5-14yrs and dogs of at least 12 months in age. This will be a one hour class held on Wednesday afternoon starting at 4.30. It will incorporate both Obedience and Agility skills and will be overseen by Joan McFarlane and her assistants. Usual fees apply.

NorWest Triple Agility Championship Show
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd January

Venue: Huapai Pony Club grounds.
Just pass Horse lands Kumeu Grain on Waitakere Rd.
Good luck to all those competing.
Entry for spectators is free and it’s a fun sport to watch so come on down and enjoy.

We are still a little short on helpers. No experience is necessary as on the job training will be given. Just bring a smile and a willing attitude.
If you could keep this date in mind and assist in any way for any amount of time it would be hugely appreciated. It is thanks to you wonderful volunteers that these days are so successful.

If you are able to help please phone Joan McFarlane on 833 9053

Working Bee Date

More help please!!
The grounds and the club rooms are in need of a bit of a spruce up. So if you would be so kind as to please grab a few garden tools, a wheelbarrow if possible, maybe a weed whacker, rakes, spades anything you would use in your own grounds and join us for a few hours on Saturday 29th January for a 9.30 start. We would be most appreciative of your help.

AGM Reminder

The annual general meeting will take place on March 14th 2011. We are looking for new committee members to keep this great little club running. Please give some thought as to whether you would like to contribute your time and some effort to this task.


We have leads, collars, dumbbells and gentle leaders available at very reasonable prices. Monogrammed club badges are now available. These will look great sewn onto clothing or bags.
Sue McDiarmid is usually available for sales before classes commence.


Corners of Access and Waitakere Rd (entrance on Waitakere Rd) Kumeu


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