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NorWest Dog Training Club Newsletter Issue 0ne – 2010

Listed below are the Club Executives and Committee for 2010

President: Joan McFarlane Vice President: Sandy McKenzie

Treasurer: Robyn Henderson Secretary: Anne Bowyer

Committee: Karen Smith; Rodney Dunnet; Sue McDiarmid; Maree Green: Judy Doherty; Bruce Ronald; Alison Muller; Nadine Rowley; Ellie Booth
Patron: Rob Kemp [Kumeu A&H]

Hello All! It is a tad understated to say it has been a while between Newsletters but we are happy to announce the resumption of regular issues to keep you informed, enlightened and aware of upcoming club events.

Quick Catch up

Thanks to a grant from Rodney County Council we were able to install flood lights at the end of last summer which is a fabulous asset … now if we could just stop the rain……


Norwest dogs and their handlers have been doing very nicely over the year with a steady stream of wins and placings. These will be updated on the website shortly. Best wishes to all those travelling to and competing in the 2010 Nationals 1st – 3rd October. GO NORWEST!!!

NorWest Dog training Club annual obedience Champ show. Sunday 5th September 2010 at NZKC Exhibition Centre, Ardmore (Indoors)

We would still appreciate any offers of help for this fast approaching day. No experience necessary, just a smile and a willing attitude. This is also an excellent opportunity to come and experience the fun and camaraderie of obedience competitions. If you are able to help please phone Joan McFarlane on 833 9053

Flygility tournaments Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October at NorWest Club Grounds

Agility Ribbon Trial Sunday 28th November at NorWest Club Grounds

Helpers Required Please!! If you could keep these dates in mind and assist in any way for any amount of time it would be hugely appreciated. It is thanks to you wonderful volunteers that these days are so successful.



Rally Obedience A.K.A Rally O What is it and who can do it?

Basically Rally-O is a sport for everyone and every dog and from very young ages. Puppies can start as young as 4-5 months …younger if they are quick learners. Equally it is suitable for old dogs, big dogs, small dogs and everything in between and of course for people of all ages and abilities.

Rally is a sport in which a dog and handler complete a course of 10 or more stations, where at each station a certain skill, such as weaving between cones; a down or sit stay, is performed. The quicker you go through the course and the fewer mistakes you make, the higher your score. The aim is to get around the course with a happy attentive dog, at a nice consistent pace with the dog in position and not making any mistakes. Starting with a maximum score of 100, points are deducted for various faults such as having a tight leash, the dog not responding to the handler and moving at an inconsistent pace. Penalties also occur if a station has to be repeated or is not performed properly. Because you are only ever competing against yourself, once you have three scores of ninety or more you can advance to the next level of competition.

Communication between handler and dog is encouraged. Whilst perfect heel position is not required, there should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler. Handlers are encouraged to talk to their dogs during the performance, however loud or harsh commands or intimidating signals are penalized. No food “lures” allowed either.

Rally O helps to create a much more attentive and focused dog and best of all it is fun to do for both dog and handler. Dogs really seem to enjoy all the short periods of heeling interspersed with fun tricks. If you can get your dog to sit and down on command and loose lead walk next to you, that’s pretty much what you need to start off Rally-O.

If you are in Joan or Rodney’s’ class, practice Rally O is already part of your Monday night instruction. For everyone else competitive Rally O is held every 2nd Monday of each month at 8pm.You might find that while you wait for your turn that the queue may be a little long but please don’t let this deter you. The kettle is on for a cuppa and this is a great opportunity to meet your fellow club members for a chat, swap pearls of wisdom or doggy anecdotes, arrange sociable dog walks with others or even laugh over the many foibles of your instructors ?. Please come and give it a try, we would really love to see you there.

NEXT RALLY O …. 8pm 13th SEPTEMBER 2010

Want more information on Rally Obedience, then check out


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Corners of Access and Waitakere Rd (entrance on Waitakere Rd) Kumeu

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