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NorWest Newsletter - Feb’ 09

Hello to you all! 
This is the first newsletter for this year.
Membership renewals have been sent out (unless you joined in October 08).  Renewal is just $40 or $60 for a family.  Please get these in as soon as possible. Thanks!
Start dates for the New Year are: Obedience, Monday, 2 February and Agility, Friday, 13 February.

The club’s mobile number is 021 0261 9370 - texts welcomed.

Canine Good Citizen (by Louise Dormer):
So first up I guess your wondering what exactly CGC is.
No, it’s not a strange disease contagious to all.  CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen.  It is a qualification administered by the NZKC, but open to any dog over 12 months old.  At NorWest we teach many of the components in our weekly training classes.

Each dog must pass a test to show they have met a prescribed standard. It has four levels - Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

On 14 December, a group of 21 attempted the Basic level.  To qualify the dog needs to pass each of the 18 components that make up the 12 exercises.  Most of this group have been working on this since late October, learning and practising for the test, out of the 21 dogs , 19 passed.

CGC “Basic” includes exercises like a temperament test, food refusal, walking on a loose lead with a number of distractions (bikes, kids and joggers), grooming and handling by a “stranger”.  It also has some owner responsibility questions, which we had practised and thankfully the handlers gave the required answers not the cynical and bizarre suggested (in good humour) earlier!!!

After a brief barbeque and time for the handlers and examiners to catch their breath, 12 handlers and dogs where examined for the “Bronze” level.  This has 11 components that make up 8 exercises.  Of the 12 examined, only two missed out, mainly because of the “stay” exercise, so with a little more practice they will be able to attempt the Bronze level again.

From Monday, 9 February we will be running another CGC training class for Basic and Bronze Levels - anyone in Rodney & Di’s class upwards is welcome to join in.  This will start at 7.30pm for 30 minutes, so you should start your normal class to settle your dog and join in at 7.30, we are hoping to have the test for this before Easter.

Later in the year we will run classes for “Silver” level if we have enough interest.

Congratulations to everyone who attended the classes, especially to the group who came for the assessment.  Thank you to all the extra helps and distractions on the day, we couldn’t have done this with out you, and also Sue and Robyn, our examiners.  It was a well organised event/day.

We look forward to seeing you all this year, regards Louise, Rosalind and the instructors team.

Our Patron - Murray Dormer:
Don’t forget that Murray is available for any bouquets or brickbats you wish to mention about the club or trainers - he is around most training nights, but especially on Mondays, when he instructs the 8pm senior class.

New Agility Regulations:
In addition to the standard agility events, clubs will now have the option of offering Jumpers at their shows. The class levels will be C, B and A. All dogs, will start at level C with the exception of Senior agility dogs that go directly into Jumpers B.

Elementary agility classes may also be offered at Championship Competitions and these will be split into two classes. Elementary 1 is intended for those handlers who have never competed in agility before and Elementary 2 is for experienced handlers.  NB:  At time of publication, there was a move to change these classifications to Elementary B for Beginner handlers and Elementary A for Advanced handlers.

The provision for split classes is being removed from the regulations and a combined win & points system introduced for graduation to the next level. Any existing wins remain valid and future points will be allocated on a scale dependent on your placing & the number of entries in the class.

Challenge certificates will be available in Jumpers as well as Agility. There is no change to the existing AD and ADX title system and Jumpers titles will also be introduced (in the form of JD and JDX) being awarded for either graduation or achieving 25 clear rounds at a specified level.  Clear round milestone certificates will be awarded for 100, 250, 500 etc clear rounds in standard classes.

The tyre is to be replaced with a larger displaceable hoop and the A-Frame will be lowered.  Wider jumps will gradually be introduced and wing jumps will be used more often.

Start & finish zones will be compulsory at Competitions to minimise the risk of incidents as dogs enter and leave the ring.  Dogs will also be allowed to run in collars but with nothing more than a standard D ring fitted (i.e. no tags).

See for more information.

Recent Successes:

North Shore Ribbon Trial - 29 November
Cathy Clarkson & Hollie - Clear Round in AD
Pene McCormack & Flossie - 1st in Novice A
Cathy Clarkson & Hollie - 5th in Starters
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters
Bruce Lauder & Toby - 7th in Elementary
Karen Smith & Teddy - Clear Round in Elementary

Hibiscus Coast Obedience Ribbon Trial - 7 December
Maree Green & Ted - 2nd in Test A
Jeff Walkington & Emma - 5th in Novice
Sandy Mackenzie & Jura - 3rd in Elementary

Hibiscus Coast Agility Ribbon Trial - 7 December
Pene McCormack & Flossie - 7th in Intermediate
Karen Smith & Zoe - 6th in Novice
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 8th in Novice
Diana McKay & Raven - 7th in Starters
Diana McKay & Jet - 4th in Elementary

Cambridge & WAG Agility Ribbon Trial – 13/14 December
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Open Jumpers
Gareth Williams & Rufus - 3rd in Starters 1A
Diana McKay & Raven - 2nd in Starters Jumpers B
Diana McKay & Jet - 2nd in Elementary

All Breeds Obedience Ribbon Trial - 17 January
First event:

Corinne Barker & Kaos - 2nd in Test A
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 3rd in Test A
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Novice
Maree Green & Ted - 3rd in Novice
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 2nd in Special Beginners
Joan McFarlane & Chester - 3rd in Special Beginners
Joan McFarlane & Chester - 1st in Elementary
Second event:
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Test B
Maree Green & Ted - 2nd in Novice
Joan McFarlane & Chester - 3rd in Special Beginners
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 4th in Special Beginners
CD Trial:
Maree Green & Ted - CDX
Corinne Barker & Kaos - CDX

NorWest Agility Champ – 24/25 January
Tracey Page & Rosie - Clear Round in ADX
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters 1
Svargo & Tulsi - Clear Round in Starters 2
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Novice 1
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters 3

Rotorua Obedience Champ - 24/25/26 January
Maree Green & Ted - 1st in Novice
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 3rd in Novice
Andrew Green & Kofi - 4th in Elementary
Maree Green & Ted - 1st in Novice
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Novice
Andrew Green & Kofi - 5th in Elementary
Corinne Barker & Kaos - 1st in Test A
Maree Green & Ted - 5th in Novice
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 3rd in Special Beginners

ACAC Agility RT – 31 January
Svargo & Tulsi - Clear Round in AD
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters
Joan McFarlane & Chester - Clear Round in Starters
Karen Smith & Teddy - Clear Round in Elementary

North Shore Obedience Champ – 7/8 February
Maree Green & Ted - 5th in Test A
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 4th in Novice
Joan McFarlane & Chester - 3rd in Special Beginners
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 5th in Special Beginners
Karen Smith & Zoe - 4th in Elementary
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 1st in Special Beginners
Karen Smith & Zoe - 5th in Elementary

Cambridge Agility Champ – 14/15 February
Svargo & Tulsi - Clear Round in Novice
Svargo & Tulsi - 7th in Elementary 1

Upcoming Events: 
= Championship Show (you must be a Kennel Club member to enter (in advance) and compete)
RT =  Ribbon Trial (non-Kennel Club members may enter (on the day) and compete)
Events that are unlined contain internet links to the flyers and further information.  Dates in brackets are the closing dates.  Also see

 Counties & All Breeds Double Obedience RT
 Akarana Agility RT  
 Mangawhai Agility RT 
 Manukau Agility Champ (6 Mar)
ACAC Agility Champ (6 Mar)

 Counties Obedience Champ (20 Mar)
 All Breeds Obedience Champ (25 Mar)
Counties Agility Champ (23 Mar)
 WAG Agility Champ (10 Apr)



 Whangarei Double Obedience RT
Whangarei Agility Champ & AD 
Waikato Double Obedience RT  
 East Auckland Obedience Champ  
 Manukau Obedience Champ


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