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NorWest Newsletter Aug '08

Hello to you all! 

Don’t forget that your subscription fees are ANNUAL and you are able to continue your training throughout the year - we look forward to seeing you when the term starts again on 8 August for Agility, and 11 August for Obedience.

The weather is still unpredictable, so the number to call to check if your class is cancelled is 021 0261 9370 - texts welcomed.
However, the club will be showing training DVDs and/or holding dog related quiz games in the clubhouse on wet nights - leave pooch at home and bring your thinking cap instead.

Kumeu Veterinary Service Ltd
Graham Ashby from Kumeu Vets has been visiting our obedience classes to give informal chats about dog health and nutrition.  He took questions and answers at the end and we would like to thank Graham for his time.
If you would like to contact Kumeu Vets, they are at 68 Access Road, Kumeu, phone 412 9016.

National Agility Link Association (NALA)
If you are ready to try your skills on a full agility or flygility course, then register for NALA and join in the Link competition.  See for further information - forms are at club to register with this.  Membership to NALA gives you a magazine with agility news and the ability to enter the year long competition of Link.

Also, for agility chat and results, you can register for the Yahoo agility group, also known as the “Agility List” To register, simply apply, emailing your club and your full name.

Elementary Fun Day - Hibiscus Coast
For those of you who attended our Three Event Day in April, or those of you who missed it, Hibiscus Coast Dog Training Club in Orewa are holding another Elementary Fun Day for you to try out your new found skills, including separate events for child handlers.  See for more information.

Results Page - What do they all Mean?
This edition, Flygility
This sport involves the dog running along a course by itself, collecting a tennis ball at the end and returning along the course.  It is essentially a team knock-out competition where two teams compete simultaneously over separate courses that are as close to identical as possible.  The best of three runs decides which team proceeds to the next heat and each heat won awards the dog one point.

There can be different team types:
One handler with one dog is an Individual Team;
Two handlers each with a dog is a Pairs Team;
Three handlers each with a dog is a Threesome Team;
Four handlers each with a dog is a Foursome Team.

A novelty event in which the handler may choose rail height and to run alongside their dog.  A very simple, straight course.  No points are won in this event, however, a win will put you out and into Beginners.

The course is straight and includes only jumps and tunnels.  Open to dogs that have not acquired FD or gained 20 points.

In addition to the jumps and tunnels, the ramp with hoops may be included and one change of direction is permissible but only by way of the tunnel.  The change of direction will not be less than 150 degrees.  All dogs may compete at this level.

The only limitation on the complexity of this level of competition is the equipment available, the practicality of setting out two equal courses and, of course, the safety of the dogs.  Dogs may not compete at this level until they gave accumulated 20 points. 

The weaving poles may be included and there may be two changes of direction with or without use of the bendy tunnel.  Any single change of direction will not be less than 120 degrees unless the tunnel is used as the corner, in which case, the corner can be as sharp as 90 degrees.  All dogs may compete at this level. 


  • Flygility Dog (FD) A dog will have to have accumulated 20 points (7 of which must have been gained at the Intermediate, Open, or Advanced levels).
  • Flygility Dog Excellent (FDX) a dog will have to accumulate 50 points (ie, a further 30 points after the FD), (15 of which must have been gained at the Open or Advanced levels).
  • Flygility Dog Champion (FDCh) a dog will have to accumulate 100 points (ie, a further 50 points after the FDX) (30 of which must have been gained at the Open or Advanced levels and of the 30 points, a minimum of 15 must have been gained at Advanced level).

 Recent Successes

All Breeds Double Obedience RT - 11 May
Corinne Barker & Kaos - 2nd in Novice 1
R Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Special Beginners 1
Maree Green & Ted - 4th in Special Beginners 1
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 4th in Elementary 1
R Walkington & Emma - 1st in Special Beginners 2
Maree Green & Ted - 3rd in Special Beginners 2
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 2nd in Elementary 2

North Shore Obedience RT - 18 May
Corinne Barker & Kaos - 1st in Novice
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 1st in Special Beginners
Fiona Craig & Bo - 5th in Special Beginners
Maree Green & Ted - 5th in Elementary

East Auckland Obedience Champ - 24/25 May
Nicole Beaumont Todd 2nd in Novice
R Walkington & Emma 1st in Special Beginners
Diana McKay & Tui - 4th in Special Beginners
Fiona Craig & Bo - 1st Elementary 1
Janet King & Crete 5th in Elementary 1

North Shore Agility RT - 14 June
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 5th in Novice
Cathy Clarkson & Libby - 1st in Starters
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 3rd in Starters
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters
Karen Smith & Teddy - Clear Round in Elementary

Cambridge Agility RT - 21 June
Annie Sail & Neo- 5th in Novelty Event

All Breeds Obedience RT - 29 June
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Novice
Maree Green & Ted - 1st in Special Beginners
Maree Green & Ted - 2nd in Elementary

Counties Obedience Champ - 12 July
Corinne Barker & Kaos - 4th in Novice

All Breeds Obedience Champ - 13 July
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 3rd in Novice 1
Nicole Beaumont & Todd - 5th in Novice 1
Corinne Barker & Kaos - 5th in Novice 2
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 1st in Elementary

Akarana Agility RT - 19 July
Diana McKay & Raven - 5th in Starters
Bruce Ronald & Rowan - 7th in Starters
Rachel Gillon & Milly - 9th in Starters

Hamilton Obedience Champ - 26-27 July
Maree Green & Ted – 1st in Special Beginners
Jeff Walkington & Charlie – 2nd in Special Beginners
Fiona Craig & Beau – 1st in Elementary
Jeff Walkington & Charlie – 3rd in Elementary
Tauranga Flygility Tournament - 27 July
Diana McKay & Jet - Runner Up in Elementary

Counties/Manukau Agility Champ - 2-3 August
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 7th in Novice 1B
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 4th in Starters 2
Diana McKay & Raven - 5th in Starters 2
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Starters 3

 Upcoming Events: 

Champ = Championship Show (you must be a Kennel Club member to enter (in advance) and compete)
RT =  Ribbon Trial (non-Kennel Club members may enter (on the day) and compete)
Events that are unlined contain internet links to the flyers and further information.  Dates in brackets are the closing dates.  Also see


10 All Breeds Obedience RT

 Mangawhai Agility RT
Whangarei Agility RT & ADX (22 Aug)
 Whangarei Double Obedience RT 
 All Breeds Obedience Champ (30 Aug)
 North Shore Obedience Champ (1 Sep)
 WAG Agility Champ (20 Aug)
Manukau Agility RT 
 ACAC Agility RT 
 NATIONALS (Christchurch)



Hibiscus Coast Obedience Champ (19 Sep)
 East Auckland Obedience Champ (12 Sep)
 NorWest Flygility Tournament
 Manukau Obedience Champ & CDX (26 Sep)
 Counties Agility RT & ADX 
 NDTA (Feilding) (31 Aug)
 Akarana Agility Champ
 ACAC Agility Champ
 Whangarei Agility
& Obedience Champ
 Hibiscus Coast Elementary Day
 North Shore Agility RT & AD
 Norwest Agility RT
 Dog Sports Rotorua Xmas Fun Weekend
 Hibiscus Coast Agility & Obedience RT
 Cambridge Agility RT
 WAG Agility RT


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