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NorWest Newsletter - April ‘08

Hello to you all! 

Don’t forget that your subscription fees are ANNUAL and you are able to continue your training throughout the year - we look forward to seeing you when the second term starts again on 7th April for Obedience, 9th April for Flygility and
4th April for Agility.


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Helensville A&P Show - 23 February

Unfortunately the weather was dreadful and only twelve pet dogs were hardy enough to hang around for the pet show.

NorWest performed their new obedience display choreographed by Rosalind Walkington and also a flygility display.

Annual General Meeting - 17 March

The AGM decided our new Committee for 2008.  Our Executive remains unchanged, but there are some new members on our Committee this year.


President - Joan McFarlane
Vice-President - Sandy Mackenzie
Secretary - Diana McKay
Treasurer - Colleen Lauder


Judy Cooper
Rodney Dunnett
Sue Hagan
Jill Kinge
Sue McDiarmid
Bruce Ronald
Wendy Ronald
Karen Smith
Jeff Walkington
Rosalind Walkington
Sue Williams

Our Patron - Murray Dormer

Hello my name is Murray Dormer.  I instruct the 8pm Obedience class on Monday nights and the Competitive Obedience Group on Thursdays.  I am also your Club Patron and Life Member of the club. 

The Club has nominated me this year to be a point of contact for you, the club member.  This is a chance for you to have your say on improvements, problems you may have, or feedback of any kind (positive and negative), I am here to hear what you have got to say. It is kept in confidence and I will take any points you raise to the Committee for information and/or action.

I am around every Monday night and at Fly on Wednesday and Agility on Fridays as often as I can.  I look forward to meeting you all.

Three Event Day - 9am, Sunday, 13 April

This is a fun interclub event, held on our grounds and open only to Elementary level dogs.  It will be run as a ribbon trial, with one Elementary class in each of Flygility, Obedience and Agility. 

There will be ribbons to 10th in Agility, to 5th in Obedience and ribbons for Winner, Runner-up and Semi-Finalist in Flygility (including a second plate event).  If you attempt all three disciplines, then your dog will be eligible for the prize of Top Dog. 

This is an excellent opportunity to come along and see how a Ribbon Trial is run and give all three dog sports a try. Senior instructors will be on hand to mentor, coach and advise on ring etiquette.

Results Page - What do they all Mean?

This month, Agility…

An Elementary class is a novelty class for beginners and will typically consist of jumps and tunnels.  One win in Elementary or a placing in a standard class will put you out of this class.

A starters class will typically consist of jumps, tunnels, tyre and the wands.  Only open to dogs who have not won a total of two first prizes.  AD and ADX qualified dogs are not eligible for this class. 

Same course set up as Starters, but also with the inclusion of contact equipment, such as the crossover, A-frame and dogwalk.  Open to all except Senior qualified dogs. 

More complex courses, with multiple use of the same obstacle  Open to all dogs except dogs eligible to enter Starters. 

Very hard!  Open to all dogs that have won a total of three first prizes in Novice and/or Intermediate classes at a recognised Agility Fixture or have so won a total of two first prizes and qualified ADX. 

AD, ADX & ADX Bronze, Silver & Gold
An AD course is only held 41 times per year through out NZ.  You must go clear in the allotted time. 

The course includes all the obstacles in agility, including a Table, which the dog must lie down on top of.  The AD title is gained by two clear rounds on AD courses.  AD gets you out of Starters and into Intermediate if you are not already there. 

The ADX title is a total of 4 clear rounds on AD courses.  ADX can contribute to promotion from Novice to Senior, if you are not already there. i.e. 3 novice wins gets you into senior, 2 wins and ADX gets you into senior.

Once your dog is ADX you can do ADX Advanced courses.
2 ADXA clear rounds gives you ADXA-Bronze
4 ADXA clear rounds gives you ADXA-Silver
6 ADXA clear rounds gives you ADXA-Gold

Recent Successes

North Shore/Hibiscus Coast Agility Champ - 23/24 Feb
Diana McKay & Tui - Clear Round in Intermediate 2
Pene McCormack & Flossie - 4th in Novice 1
Diana McKay & Raven - 6th in Novice 2
Annie Sail & Neo - 7th in Novice 3
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Novice 3
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Starters 1
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters 1
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Starters 3
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters 3
Karen Smith & Zoe - 1st in Elementary
Counties Flygility at Morrinsville - 1 March
Nicole Beaumont & Todd - Winner in Intermediate Pairs

Counties Obedience RT - 2 March
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Special Beginners

Akarana Agility RT - 8 March
Pene McCormack & Flossie - Clear Round in Intermediate
Bruce Ronald & Zoe - 5th in Starters

Mangawhai Agility RT - 9 March
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters

All Breeds Obedience Champ - 22 March
Corrine Barker & Kaos - 2nd in Special Beginners
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 4th in Special Beginners

Counties Agility Champ - 22/23 March
Diana McKay & Tui - Clear Round in AD - gained ADX
Diana McKay & Raven - 5th in Starters
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters Jumpers

Upcoming Events: 

Champ = Championship Show (you must be a Kennel Club member to enter (in advance) and compete)
RT =  Ribbon Trial (non-Kennel Club members may enter (on the day) and compete)
Events that are unlined contain internet links to the flyers and further information.  Dates in brackets are the closing dates.



 WD Trial (Onewhero) 
 Norwest Elementary Triple
 Manukau Obedience Champ (28 Mar)
 NorWest Obedience Champ 
 WAG Agility Champ, AD & ADX (9 Apr)


 Whangarei Double Obedience RT 
 Whangarei Agility Champ & AD (21 Apr)
 TD Trial (Onewhero) 
 East Auckland Obedience Champ (30 Apr)


APGSDL Open Show 
Mangawhai Agility RT
North Shore Agility RT & ADX 
Cambridge Agility RT 
WAG Agility RT



 TD Trial (Onewhero) 
 Counties Obedience Champ 
 ACAC Agility RT 
 All Breeds Obedience Champ 
 Akarana Agility RT 
 Hamilton Obedience Champ

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