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October 2007

Hello to you all, new and returning members, for those who have not been with us before, I'd like to give a warm welcome on behalf of the club. 

Contacting Us:

The club has had a bit of a saga with our mobile phone and the end result is that we now have a new number to call to check whether your class has been cancelled due to inclement weather - 0210 261 9370.

NorWest Ribbon Trials:

NorWest will be holding a combined agility and obedience ribbon trial on 25 November.

Our senior class members will be out in force competing on the day - why not join in?  If you are keen, ask your instructor for advice on which events to enter.

Sue Hagan’s Tris tackles a Novice course

Some ring etiquette:

  • Be close enough to the ringside to hear your number being called by the Caller, but without being right on the start line.  This ensures that dogs are ready to go and the event can run smoothly.
  • Be aware that some dogs can get quite excitable on the start line - give other competitors a little space.
  • Always be aware of where your dog is in relation to other dogs.
  • Agility dogs are not allowed to run in their collars - use a slip lead or a quick releasing collar and leave it at the finish line.
  • Make sure no toys or treats are on your person when in the ring- this instantly disqualifies you!
  • If you have to leave your dog unsupervised at any time during the day, make sure they are in a safe place such as a crate or trailer where they cannot lunge out at passers-by.

Praise your dog at the end of your run, clip your lead on and leave the ring.  Offer your dog a drink of water and remember that you will always be taking the best dog home… have fun!

  Nicole Beaumont and Todd


Without volunteers, our shows could not go ahead.  The club relies on the goodwill and cheer of its members to ensure the smooth running of shows.  Your help is appreciated more than you can realise!!  Below are some of the jobs we need volunteers for at every show. 

Entries - The people who take the competitors’ fees and issue numbers out to their dogs.
Scoreboard Person - The person who records the scores from the scribe sheets.
Caller - A person with a firm, clear voice to call the next dog up to the start line. 
Scrimer - Records the dog’s time and any faults for each event. 
Runner - The person who takes the completed scribe sheets to the Scoreboard and other “go-for” tasks.
Rails - The people who help to keep the agility rails up and ready for the next competitor. 

Please let your instructor know where you can help!

Our Club policy for dogs that are anxious is to give them a red ribbon on their collar.  This signals that the dog needs a little "space" - please be aware of where your dog is in relation to red ribboned dogs.

However, a dog wearing a red ribbon is not then exempt from having good manners!  If you wish help and/or training with your dog, ask advice from your instructor.

Thank you!

Collars, Leads and Toys:

Available for sale - check out the price list on the Notice Board.  Also available are dumbbells, slip leads for agility and club badges. Our prices are cheaper than retail outlets.


We are on the web!
Huge thanks go to Wendy Ronald for setting this up for us!
Email photos for the gallery to


NorWest have active groups competing in Obedience, Agility and Flygility.  We encourage new people to come and try their dogs in the Elementary tests available in all three sports.

If travelling to shows isn’t your thing, but you’re still keen to compete, then the Link competition may be for you.  Once a month, agility and flygility courses are set up and the results collected nationally amongst the dog clubs.  The Link magazine then shows the results the following month and NorWest have a trophy for the agility Top Dog of the month.  This can be an excellent start to your agility and flygility career!

Recent Successes:

Tauranga Ribbon Trial - 12 August
Diana McKay & Raven - 7th in Novice
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Starters
WAG Agility Champ - 1/2 September
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 9th in Starters

East Auckland Obedience RT - 2 September
Nicole Beaumont & Todd - 3rd in Novice
Corinne Barker & Kaos - 2nd in Special Beginners
Fiona Craig & Beau - 4th in Special Beginners
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 2nd in Elementary
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 4th in Elementary

Mangawhai Agility RT - 8 September
Nicole Beaumont & Todd - 3rd in Intermediate
Pene McCormack & Flossie- 4th in Novice
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 8th in Starters
Karen Smith & Zoe - Clear Round in Starters
Annie Sail & Neo - Clear Round in Starters

Whangarei Agility RT - 9 September
Pene McCormack & Flossie - 8th in Novice
Sue Williams & Kozmo - Clear Round in Novice
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 5th in Starters
Bruce Ronald & Rowan - 8th in Elementary

All Breeds Obedience Champ - 15 September
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 6th in Special Beginners
Rosalind Walkington & Emma - 1st in Elementary
Jeff Walkington & Charlie - 2nd in Elementary
Fiona Craig & Beau - 5th in Elementary

Rotorua Flygility - 15 September
Intermediate Pairs (Random)
Winner Kay Ungemuth & Caleb
Semi Finalist Diana McKay & Raven
Open Individual
Runner Up Kay Ungemuth & Caleb

Upcoming Events

Tauranga Flygility - 16 September
Advanced Individual
Runner Up Nicole Beaumont & Todd
Open Individual
Runner Up Nicole Beaumont & Todd
Beginners Pairs (Random)
Runner Up Karen Smith & Teddy
Semi Finalist Joan McFarlane & Xena

Manukau Agility RT - 22 September
Diana McKay & Raven - Clear Round in Novice
Nicky Bushnell & Tweeza - Clear Round in Novice
Pene McCormack & Flossie - 8th in Starters
Diana McKay & Raven - 9th in Starters
Sue Williams & Kozmo - Clear Round in Starters
Annie Sail & Neo - Clear Round in Starters
Diana McKay & Raven - 5th in Starters Jumpers
Annie Sail & Neo - Clear Round in Starters Jumpers

ACAC Agility RT - 23 September
Pene McCormack & Flossie - 7th in Novice
Diana McKay & Tui - 6th in Novice
Sue Williams & Kozmo - 5th in Starters
Annie Sail & Neo - 7th in Starters
Diana McKay & Tui - 10th in Starters
Annie Sail & Ash - Clear Round in Starters
Annie Sail & Ash - 2nd in Elementary
Annie Sail & Neo - 9th in Elementary
Bruce Ronald & Rowan - 10th in Elementary

All Breeds DTC Canine Good Citizen Test - 30 September
Jeff Walkington and Charlie - Silver and Gold

A big cheer of congratulations to all our competitors, particularly those who are just starting on the competition ladder!!

Special Mentions: 
Big pat on the back for Kay Ungemuth & Caleb who gained their Champion Flygility Dog title in Tauranga.

Congratulations also to Pene McCormack & Flossie, who won their AD (agility dog) title at ACAC's Ribbon Trial.


Champ = Championship Show (you must be a Kennel Club member to enter and compete)
RT =  Ribbon Trial (non-Kennel Club members may enter and compete)


 Hibiscus Coast Obedience Champ
 Manukau Obedience Champ
 Counties Agility RT & AD
 NorWest Flygility Tournament



Akarana Agility Champ (entries close 8 Oct)
 ACAC Agility Champ (entries close 15 Oct)
  Whangarei Agility & Obedience Champ (entries close 18 Oct for Agility and 24 Oct for Obedience)
 North Shore Agility RT & AD   
 Norwest Obedience & Agility RT!!


APGSDL Obedience & Agility RT
Hibiscus Obedience & Agility RT
 Cambridge Agility RT
 WAG Agility RT & ADX

 Hamilton Obedience RT

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