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NorWest Newsletter - August '07

Hello to you all, new and returning members, for those who have not been with us before, I'd like to give a warm welcome on behalf of the club. 

Mid Winter

Well done to all of you who are continuing to make the effort to come into club each night for your training.  The club has a mobile number to call to check whether your class has been cancelled due to weather - 0210 271 3662.

It is hard when the weather is cold and the evenings are so dark to retain that level of commitment to your dog. 

Keep it up!  Your dog appreciates your effort ?

Interclub Report:

The annual Interclub event was held on 22 July at Ardmore and hosted by NorWest.  11 teams came from around the Auckland area to the fun day, including 4 from NorWest - a fantastic turnout from our club.

Interclub is a fun day for the regional clubs to get together and have a great day with a slightly competitive edge.

It was a particularly freezing cold morning with high winds and showers, but luckily the wind dropped and the sun came out around midday. 

During the Beginner’s Relay, we had amusement with dropped batons, falling competitors and one particular little dog from NorWest who thought the dog walk was a tunnel and neatly jumped the supports instead of running along the top!

Chutes and Ladders was the next game, a very twisty course with lots and lots of tunnels and all the contact gear - quite a few handlers got lost on that one - including the more experienced…

Pairs Pursuit involved a random draw and two dogs running in the ring at the same time - most dogs coped well with this, but one particularly hilarious moment was when a young Hibiscus Coast Boxer decided to chase after the other dog from Akarana instead of doing their own course.

To finish, the dogs were challenged to a sendaway course but only two dogs (from ACAC and North Shore) managed to score top marks - the dogs must have been feeling a little tired by now ?

The trophy was taken home by ACAC Team 2, who were closely followed by ACAC Team 1 in second place.

Thank you to all the people who helped make this day run smoothly.  Without our dedicated team of helpers, our shows would not run! 

If you would like to help out or compete at shows, just ask your instructor - we regularly hold Ribbon Trials and have two Championship events each year.


We have a lot of success to celebrate these past two months. 

Our Senior Obedience class have been busy taking part in Ribbon Trials and have done very well.  One notable mention must go to Corinne Barker and Kaos who won out of Elementary with two wins at the All Breeds Double Ribbon Trial - well done!  The Double Obedience Ribbon Trial at All Breeds was a particular success, as out of the 10 ribbons and rosettes on offer, NorWest members scored 7 of them.

Rosalind, Jeff, Diana and Cathy have also tried out the new Canine Good Citizen tests and Rosalind, Diana and Cathy achieved Basic and Bronze Awards at North Shore.  A second test was held at All Breeds and Jeff gained his Basic and Bronze, with Rosalind, Cathy and Diana achieving their Silver and Gold Awards.

The Agility group did very well at North Shore's Ribbon Trial, with the Novice line up showing NorWesties at 4th, 5th and 6th places - well done!

The Flygility group are currently celebrating Raven gaining her FD title and Kaos' win in Elementary at Counties' tournament in June.  This was Corinne and Kaos' first tournament too!  Check out the photos by the Flygility noticeboard.

 Our Club policy for dogs that are anxious is to give them a red ribbon on their collar.  This signals that the dog needs a little “space” - please be aware of where your dog is in relation to red ribboned dogs.

If you would like a red ribbon for your dog, there is some in the kitchen.
Thank you

Recent Successes:

Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League Obedience Open Championship Show - 2/3 June
Janet King & Crete - 3rd in Elementary

North Shore Agility Ribbon Trial - 16 June
Colleen Lauder and Bella - Clear Round in Intermediate
Colleen Lauder and Bella - 4th in Novice
Anna Snell and Freddie - 5th in Novice
Pene McCormack and Flossie - 6th in Novice
Pene McCormack and Flossie - Clear Round in Starters
Anna Snell and Freddie - Clear Round in Starters

Counties Flygility Tournament- 17 June
Advanced Pairs (Random)
Winner Nicole Beaumont and Todd
Semi Finalist Kay Ungemuth and Caleb
Beginners Individual
Winner Kay Ungemuth and Dash
Runner Up Diana McKay and Raven
Elementary Individual
Winner Corinne Barker and Kaos
Runner Up Karen Smith and Zoe
Semi Finalist Diana McKay and Jet
Semi Finalist Karen Smith and Teddy
Intermediate Pairs (Random)
Semi Finalist Nicole Beaumont and Todd

WAG Agility Ribbon Trial - 25 June
Sue Hagan and Tris - Clear Round in Starters
Diana McKay and Tui - Clear Round in Starters
Diana McKay and Tui - Clear Round in Novice

Hamilton DOC Obedience Ribbon Trial - 25 June
Diana McKay and Tui - 4th in Elementary

North Shore DTC Canine Good Citizen Test - 1 July
Rosalind Walkington and Emma - Basic and Bronze
Diana McKay and Tui - Basic and Bronze
Cathy Clarkson and Bonnie - Basic and Bronze

All Breeds DTC Double Obedience Ribbon Trial - 8 July
Corinne Barker and Kaos - 1st in Elementary
Tracey Moran and Taj - 2nd in Elementary
Rosalind Walkington and Emma - 5th in Elementary

Corinne Barker and Kaos - 1st in Elementary
Diana McKay and Tui - 2nd in Elementary
Rosalind Walkington and Emma - 3rd in Elementary
Joan McFarlane and Chester - 4th in Elementary

All Breeds DTC Canine Good Citizen Test - 15 July
Rosalind Walkington and Emma - Silver and Gold
Diana McKay and Tui - Silver and Gold
Cathy Clarkson and Bonnie - Silver and Gold
Jeff Walkington and Charlie - Basic and Bronze

Counties/Manukau Championship - 4/5 August
Colleen Lauder and Bella - 2nd in Novice
Diana McKay and Tui - Clear Round in Starters
Sue Williams and Cozmo - Clear Round in Starters


 Upcoming Events: 

Champ = Championship Show (you must be a Kennel Club member to enter and compete)
RT =  Ribbon Trial (non-Kennel Club members may enter and compete)


19th, 25-26th 

Rotorua Agility RT & ADX
Tauranga Agility RT & AD
Taupo Agility RT & ADX



WAG Agility Champ (entries close 15 August)
East Auckland Obedience RT
Mangawhai Agility RT
Hawkes Bay Obedience Champ
Whangarei Agility RT, ADX & Obedience RT
All Breeds Obedience Champ(entries close 28 August)
North Shore Obedience Champ & CD (entries close 3 September)
Manukau Agility RT
ACAC Agility RT & AD

 Hibiscus Coast Obedience Champ
 Manukau Obedience Champ
 Counties Agility RT & AD
















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