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Norwest Newsletter - June '07

Hello to you all, new and returning members, for those who have not been with us before, I'd like to give a warm welcome on behalf of the club. 


Our AGM was held on 13 April 2007 and a new Committee for 2007/2008 was elected


President:: Joan McFarlane
Joan competes in flygility and has recently been trying her hand with one of her three boxers, Chester, in obedience.  Joan tutors beginner agility, flygility and intermediate obedience.

Vice President: Sandy Mackenzie
Sandy is known for his pack of Border Collies and competes in the monthly LINK competition with his latest dog, Jura.  Sandy tutors the Advanced Puppy obedience class.

Secretary: Diana McKay
Diana came from the UK with her x-breed, Tui, in 2003 and discovered agility and flygility at NorWest.  She has recently started competing in Obedience.  Diana tutors flygility and domestic obedience.

Treasurer: Colleen Lauder
Colleen is a committed agility competitor and is does extremely well with her Border Collie, Bella.  Colleen tutors the Kindergarten Agility class (under 18 month old dogs)


Sue Hagen competes in agility with her Italian Spinone, Tris.

Tracey Page competes in agility with her Lhasa Apso x, Rosie ADX and tutors the Seniors in agility.

Rodney Dunnett has two Border Collies, old Ben and young Mace.  He does a wonderful job looking after our grounds and tutors the Elementary Domestic Obedience class.

Sue McDiarmid looks after the stock cupboard - if you’re after a training item, look for Sue.  She can be found on Monday nights with her Cocker Spaniel, Casey.

Pene McCormack competes in agility with her Border Collie, Flossie, who was the Top 15th Starter Dog for 2006.  Pene looks after our kitchen with the help of Di Munford and tutors Junior agility.

Jill Kinge helps in the kitchen and trains her Border Collie, Karla, in agility.  She has been on the Committee for three years.

Di Munford competes in obedience with her Border Collie, Lass and looks after the kitchen with Pene.  Di tutors alongside Rodney in the Elementary Domestic Obedience class.

Karen Smith A new member to the Committee, Karen competes in agility and flygility with her Sweaten, Teddy and Tibetan Terrier x, Zoe.

Jeff Walkington Another new member, Jeff tutors and competes in obedience.  He also trains in flygility and agility with his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlie.

Fiona Craig is also a new member to our Committee and competes in obedience with her Terrier, Bo.

"I actually know more commands than I respond to"

 If you have any comments about our club, please speak to any of these Committee members.


 Our Club policy for dogs that are anxious is to give them a red ribbon on their collar.  This signals that your dog needs a little “space” - please be aware of where your dog is in relation to red ribboned dogs.

If you would like a red ribbon for your dog, there is some in the kitchen.
Thank you!

Recent Successes

Top Agility Dog for 2006
Pene McCormack and Flossie - 15th in Starters
Pene McCormack and Flossie - 19th in Zone 1

Counties Easter Show - Agility
Pene McCormack and Floss - 3rd in Novice in a field of 99 entries

ACAC Agility Ribbon Trial
Anna Snell and Freddy, 2nd in Starters
Annie Sail and Neo, 4th in Elementary
Karen Smith and Zoe, 9th in Elementary

All Breeds Obedience Ribbon Trial
Nicole Beaumont and Todd, 2nd in Novice

North Shore Obedience Ribbon Trial
Diana McKay and Tui, 2nd in Elementary
Joan McFarlane and Chester, 4th in Elementary

East Auckland Obedience Champ Show
Corrine Barker and Kaos, 3rd in Elementary
Ros Walkington and Emma, 4th in Elementary
Nicole Beaumont and Todd, 4th in Novice

Upcoming Events:(You must be a Kennel Club member to enter a Champ Show)

Cambridge Obedience & Agility Ribbon Trial
WAG Agility Ribbon Trial, AD & ADX (entries for AD and ADX now closed)
Hamilton Obedience Ribbon Trial


 All Breeds Obedience Ribbon Trial
 Counties Obedience Champ (entries close 29 June)
 Manukau Obedience Ribbon Trial
 INTERCLUB - NorWest are running the agility side of this!  Helpers required!!
 Hamilton Obedience Champ (entries close 11 July)
4-5th  Counties/Manukau Agility Champ (entries close 13 July)

 A few reminders ?

  • Please pick up after your dog - bags are available inside the clubhouse.
  • Please close the inner gate after you to keep our dogs safe.
  • Tea and coffee are available in the clubhouse - please help yourself!
  • Please have your dog on lead unless requested off lead by your instructor.
  • Have fun and enjoy your quality time with your dog!

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